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Accelerate your business

Corporate Club Australia attracts members from many backgrounds and industries, including corporate and government organisations based in NSW, nationally and internationally.

These organisations become a part of the broader Australia Day network comprising sponsors and supporters. Today more than 80 leading organisations are proud and active members of this network.

Corporate Club Australia boasts an extensive calendar of exclusive member events. This enables you to choose how best to utilise your invitations.

Business Development & Networking

Over 100 organisation attend each event including senior business and government representatives.

With the increasing importance of face to face networking , Corporate Club Australia has built in time at all of our events to maximise engagement and introductions to new contacts.

Brand exposure and alignment

Corporate Club Australia membership lets you join an iconic network of organisations who share values of excellence, innovation and integrity. These organisations enjoy the positive brand association of being aligned with inspiring national spirit.

Members enjoy acknowledgement and recognition in a range of printed and digital collateral in conjunction with organisations from our broader business network.

Members also have the opportunity to further leverage this association through recognition and inclusions in member-only benefits.

Premium Hospitality

Corporate Club Australia provides members, and their guests, with unique opportunities to experience a series of inspirational and thought-provoking events each year. These events attract exceptional speakers who share their views on identity, culture, business and what it means to be Australian.  Past speakers include Hon John Howard and Geoffrey Robertson QC.

The Corporate Club Australia calendar of events also provides a very cost effective way for our members the chance to provide hospitality to their stakeholders. 

Our staff have always enjoyed the networking events available through Corporate Club Australia. The events are a fun way to get our staff together and interact with other organisations

– Rebecca Cochrane, Macquarie
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