Networking Breakfast #2

This event was anything but by the numbers. It was a masterclass led by Quantum Physics Professor Michelle Simmons (2018 Australian of the Year) and Maths Teacher Eddie Woo (2018 Australia’s Local Hero) - with super nerd Adam Spencer at the helm. We all came out a little wiser.


Our Aussie brains trust – what can we learn?

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia offered a beautiful setting for our Australians of the Year (both from NSW) to show us the power in the numbers. From untangling ‘quantum entanglement’ to seeing through tricks of triangles, they showed us why we should discount our biases. Whether its percentages in sports or multiple universe theories, we need to put facts first and follow the data.


Some amazing light-bulb moments

There is a moment where everything just clicks. For Eddie, he sees it in his maths students’ eyes when they finally see through the fog. Michelle shared how as an eight-year-old child she observed her father playing chess, before beating him in their first game.

 While some of the quantum formulas strained our brains, the power of quantum computing was clear to see. It holds the potential to change everything, from avoiding traffic jams to saving lives with personalised medicine.


Celebrating just how innovative we are

For 160 guests sharing in a rooftop breakfast, this was a unique opportunity to learn from, and chat to, our nation’s sharpest minds.

There was little doubt that Australia is leading the world when it comes to scientific and technological innovations. This is thanks to pioneering researchers who push the envelope, and teachers who motivate their students to fall in love with the subjects.

 Ever humble and approachable, Michelle and Eddie reminded us to be brave, bold and aspire to innovate.


Our delicious breakfast was provided by Fresh Catering.


Thank you to everyone who attended.


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