Harbour Cruise

Right in the middle of Sydney Harbour's most action-packed day of the year – what could be better?

Over 320 members and their guests boarded the sensational Sydney Glass Island for our Australia Day 2019 Harbour Cruise - including the Macabella’s, an all-female a cappella group from Macquarie University.

Departing the Man O War Steps, we made our way past the Sydney Opera House and positioned ourselves in Circular Quay to join in the Salute to Australia - a moving component of the Australia Day harbour program featuring the armed forces honouring our national day. 

The Macabella’s combined with hundreds of choirs located on and around Sydney Harbour to sing “Inanay”, “I am Australian” and the national anthem. Three Hornet F18s then blasted down the harbour performing incredible aerial manoeuvres to conclude the Salute to Australia.

Our harbour cruise put us amongst hundreds of vessels of all shapes and sizes; in the middle of fun-filled Australia Day Harbour program including the Tug & Yacht Ballet, Ferrython, Tall Ships Race as overhead, an awe inspiring Qantas A380 soared across Sydney Harbour (twice).

It was however hot, very hot, so it was testament to the Australian spirit of togetherness that Corporate Club Australia members all wiped our brows and reveled in the day with such enthusiasm.

The Harbour Cruise was truly memorable and an exceptional place to celebrate Australia Day 2019.

Photographer: Michael Law


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