Networking Breakfast #2

At the May Networking Breakfast guests will learn from Australia’s greatest minds as they are guided through a masterclass in how the numbers stack up.

Are you ready for the next quantum leap?

Quantum physics and mathematics continue to change the world of business, education, science and everyday life. We have gathered the who's who of science and mathematics to provide insights on what the future holds.


 Professor Michelle Simmons

Scientia Professor of Quantum Physics UNSW, 2018 Australian of the Year

One of the world’s top scientists, Michelle has pioneered research that could lead to a new era in computing. Did you know Michelle and her team created the world’s first transistor made from a single atom, along with the world’s thinnest wire? Michelle is bringing her pioneering mindset to this breakfast showing us how dreaming big is the key to achieving ambitious goals in science.


Eddie Woo

Mathematics Teacher & WooTube Sensation, 2018 Australia’s Local Hero

Arguably Australia's most famous mathematics teacher with over ten million YouTube views worldwide and counting, Eddie makes maths fun. As a brilliant student himself, he could have chosen any field, but teaching was his calling. Eddie will be bringing his infectious enthusiasm for all things maths to our breakfast.


Adam Spencer

Author, Host, Comedian, Maths Geek and Australian of the Year groupie

As a lifelong numbers nerd and Sleek Geeks Science Team member with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Spencer can turn every conversation into an exploration of mathematics and science. He is set to delve into the brilliant minds of Michelle and Eddie.


We look forward to hosting our members and their guests at this special event.


This event is exclusive to Corporate Club Australia members and their guests.
Please contact us if you wish to join our network. 


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