Gold Membership offers the most generous access to the network throughout the year.

$15,000 plus GST
Benefits Invitations
Australia Day Lunch 20 (2 tables)
Australia Day Address 10
Business Lunch 10
Cocktail Party 10
Golf Day 4
Harbour Cruise 10
Networking Breakfast #1 10
Networking Breakfast #2 10
Australia Day Concert (General Admission) 10
Corporate acknowledgements

Corporate acknowledgements

Your organisation enjoys extensive brand exposure across various collateral including:

  • Event Screens (corporate and public)
  • Sponsor Board
  • Australia Day Event Guide
  • Corporate Club Australia Brochure
  • Australia Day Lunch Program
  • Australia Day Address Program


Business engagement and networking

Members enjoy access to an exclusive calendar which hosts over 2,500 guests per year. These events provide regular opportunities to engage with representatives from business and government organisations.

Corporate Club Australia recognises the importance of networking and to assist in this valuable interaction guests are given a list of attendees in advance of an event and our team are on hand to facilitate introductions.